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Vikundi Cooperate-premiums:

Suitable for corporate groups, like Teachers in a school, workers in a factory or an association. The bigger the group, the lesser the average premium.


Member Subscription Premium
1st 210,000 210,000
2nd 160,000 370,000
3rd 110,000 480,000
4th 110,000 590,000
5th 110,000 700,000
6th 110,000 810,000
7th 110,000 920,000
8th 110,000 1,030,000
9th 110,000 1,140,000
10th 110,000 1,250,000
11th to 100th 60,000  
For chronic illness irrespective of age 300,000/= The member pays 50% the cost of the medication for the chronic illness.




Terms & Conditions


1.    Start date – Your plan starts effective immediately when payment is made. The membership card/s will be delivered in less than 14 days

2.    At least one adult has to purchase a plan to enable us register a child/minor less than 18 years. We are unable to register only a minor, as we do not enter into contracts with minors.

3.    All services * are available and offered at only Doctors case medicals or any of the health facilities that may be prequalified over time

4.    Vikundi Health scheme does not foot bills for any enrollee who gets treatment from other hospital or clinics not owned or prequalified Vikundi health society.

5.    Chronic conditions are excluded and or may have different arrangements; some examples of chronic conditions are listed below. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list:

·         Hypertension and Cardiac Related diseases

·         Diabetes Mellitus and its related conditions

·         Hepatitis B & C

·         Asthma

·         Genetic disorders

·         Cerebral palsy