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  1. Safe mother plus 2.0
Members Delivery Option Paid at less than 20 weeks Paid at more than 20 weeks but before 35 weeks Description
1 Normal delivery 60,000/=  80,000/=

Medication for medical conditions that may occur during pregnancy and not covered.

Initial Visit for ANC  37,000/=

That include: One ultrasound scan, HIV test, Syphilis Test, Urine test, Blood group and HB estimation.




(For those who deliver by operation)

200,000/= 250,000/=


1.    The premium Must be paid between 0 and 20 weeks of pregnancy

2.    If the mother pays 60,000 and undergoes operation, she pays a top up of 140,000/= or 160,000/=

3.    If the mother comes for booking before 16 weeks for booking visit then the ANC premium reduces to 30,000/=

4.    All Hematic, deworming and fansidar tablets are cover under safe mother plus 2.0



Service Amount Comment
Blood group 5,000

These are offered as a package hence a fixed cost.


The subsequent Visits are not paid for. The Drugs, Folic/iron and fansider are also given freely.


If the client comes with the husband, he pays for his tests at standard fees.


Am other who comes for booking before 12 weeks pays on 30,000 for this booking visit.

Urinalysis 3,000
RCT 2,000
RPR 3,500
USS 5,000
Booklet 2,000
Folic Acid 13,500
Fansidar 3000
Or Total 37,000= Without Drugs.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Mothers whose gestation age is beyond 35 weeks are not eligible
  2. All mother MUST attend a minimum of four ANC visits to benefit from this program
  3. Mother whose babies get complications shall pay 50% of their treatment bills for the new born.
  4. All scans after the initial scan are charged 10,000/=